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Best Driving School Scarborough

Get a head start on learning to drive. Earn your driver’s license as quickly as possible with a revolutionary, non-traditional driving school in Scarborough.    Whether you’re a new driver or looking to brush up on your skills, why drive boring cars on average roads? At Next Gen Driving School, we believe the driver is the heart of the vehicle and that highways are for power walks. Experience driving at its finest with lessons taught by experienced professionals.    Our unique teaching approach sets us apart and ensures you pass your road test the first time! When it comes to confidence and ease, it’s hard to beat a skilled professional behind the wheel.    At Next Gen Driving School, we take care of every last detail, down to our luxury fleet of vehicles. You can expect unparalleled training service and passing results, regardless of your skill level or driving needs.   Our Scarborough driving school has a state-of-the-art driving simulator for the most realistic experience. Thus we lead in pass rate year after year. Ready to start learning? Call us today!

Driving Instructors Scarborough

In the city of Scarborough, no one is safer to train you with than your driving instructor at Next Gen. Get ready to feel good knowing you’re in their capable hands. We provide our clients with a well-rounded list of driving services–from driver’s training and road tests to refresher courses and defensive driving classes.

The leading authorities recognize our Instructors as the ideal choice for your driving lesson Scarborough! 

This convenient and discreet service is just a phone call away. Imagine yourself driving through the quiet lanes of Scarborough while the gentle sound of Beach music plays on the stereo. 

We prioritize the uniqueness of every student. Our team of driving instructor Scarborough believes every student deserves a personalized approach to driving lessons that work for them.

To us, this means:

  1. An instructor who knows you and your goals.
  2. A curriculum that’s flexible and allows you to move at your own pace.
  3. Lessons tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs and the road conditions in Scarborough.

When choosing a driving school in Scarborough, you want someone with much experience that’s taught thousands of students. You expect a friendly, patient instructor and an education that accelerates your progress. You look for someone who respects you so much that they invest in “lessons where you actually drive.”

Our exceedingly high-quality standard of driving lesson Scarborough makes us the preferred choice of young teenagers and adults alike. Come experience it for yourself! 

Lesson Packages... to Save!

Below you will find our three most popular packages

10 Lessons
Basic Plan
  • 20 Hours Online via Zoom or E-Learning self-study
  • 10 Hours Home Link Quiz
  • 10 Lessons in Car with Free Pick and Drop
  • MTO Completion Certificate
  • Time Reduced to G2 Road Test
  • MTO Certificate Fee Included
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Early Road Test Booking
$550 +HST
Basic Plan
10 Lessons
Silver Plan
  • 20 Hours Online via Zoom or E-Learning self-study
  • 10 Hours Home Link Quiz
  • 10 Lessons in Car with Free Pick and Drop
  • MTO Completion Certificate
  • Time Reduced to G2 Road Test
  • MTO Certificate Fee Included
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Early Road Test Booking
  • Use Instructor Car for Road Test
$699 +HST
Silver Plan
13 Lessons
Golden Plan
  • 20 Hours Online via Zoom or E-Learning self-study
  • 10 Hours Home Link Quiz
  • 13 Lessons in Car with Free Pick and Drop
  • MTO Completion Certificate
  • Time Reduced to G2 Road Test
  • MTO Certificate Fee Included
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Early Road Test Booking
  • Use Instructor Car for Road Test
$799 +HST
Golden Plan

Scarborough Driving School Services

With every new generation comes new innovations. Get the next-generation driving experience with Next Gen Driving School. The name says it all.

Intensive Driving Lessons

We ensure that you get the most out of every lesson by focusing on different aspects of driving, i.e., maneuvering, braking, accelerating, and more.


On-Road Training Sessions

Our pro instructors are all set to make you practice your driving skills in real-life situations at various locations across Scarborough.


Skills/Road Test Preparation Classes

Nervous about taking your knowledge test? No worries! We make you familiarize yourself with the test process beforehand. This way, you ace it during your exam day!


G1, G2 License Tests Preparation 

It’s time for YOU to take the wheel. Let our MTO-approved lessons help! Get ready to pass on the first attempt for G1 and G2 driving licenses in Scarborough.


Practical Training Sessions on Various Vehicles

Get excited to handle and differentiate between each of our vehicles adequately. You’ll have hands-on experience while learning at your own pace. 


Flexible Hours and Prices 

We offer flexible hours so that you can fit any driving lesson Scarborough into your busy schedule with competitive prices. You don’t have to pay extra!

Why Choose Next Gen Driving School?

Curious as to why we think we’re the best driving school in Scarborough? We are uniquely positioned to serve you as one of the most trusted driving schools in the city with free pick-and-drop offers.

Excited as to why our students only have good things to say about us and their experience with us? Because it is not just a school, it’s a symbol of safety. We’ll walk right up to you and cradle you in our arms to ensure nothing bad ever happens. Don’t just take our word for it. Look at our past client’s raved testimonials.

Here’s the thing: We don’t just teach you to pass your test. We encourage you to become a better driver. Are you up for learning the best techniques? Are you ready to drive safely and save on gas? Then let’s get started on the fastest track to your G licence.

Take the decision now, as our certified and qualified instructors own a 98% passing rate. Moreover, flexible scheduling for your convenient times and booking is waiting for you. Get licensed today!


Our Instructors are Highly Trained in the latest Safety Techniques & Rules of the Road.


All our Instructors are DMV Licensed, mentally and physically fit and have decade or more of Instruction History.


Now is the perfect time to start your In Class, Online or Behind The Wheel Training.


We know this process can be expensive. So we constantly monitor our competitions pricing.


We offer In Classroom Drivers Education as well as Online Drivers Education.


We allow you to decide when and how you want to pay. We accept all major forms of payments.

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