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Distracted Driving Laws & Penalties

Distracted Driving Laws & Penalties

What is distracted driving?

In simple words, it is an act of driving while taking part in other activities that diverts the driver’s attention from the road. It can put you and others in danger. 

Examples of distracted driving are

  • Using mobile phones (calling, texting)
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reading a book or newspaper
  • Watching movies
  • Smoking
  • Talking to Passengers
  • Grooming (shaving, applying make-up)


Distracted driving is against the law across Canada; provinces and territories use their own rules and regulations that’s why penalties may differ. Wherever you live, distracted driving can result in heavy fines and demerit points by the traffic authority.

Statistics of Distracted driving 

Even though having less traffic on the road and fewer accidents in the previous year(2020) due to the pandemic, Ontario’s Provincial Police has still recorded almost the same number of casualties compared to the last year. Based on the collected data, police say that 285 severe road accidents happened last year in 2020 and it is only 19 less than in 2019. Many of them were escapable, 45 of them happened due to distracted driving.

The number of casualties has doubled in the province since 2000. To put an end to this unsafe practice, the government has initiated strict consequences, including demerit points and a heavy fine for not avoiding distracted driving. 

Durham’s distracted Driving Law

Durham’s distracted driving law focuses on the use of handheld devices. It is against the law to use your mobile phone or any handheld device while driving or stopped at the signal. You’re only permitted to use your phone to call an emergency. You’re not allowed to operate handheld devices like tablets, iPods, playing video games, or watching movies.

You’re permitted to use a hands-free wireless device with Bluetooth. You’re also allowed to view the GPS display screen only if it is mounted on your dashboard.

Eating, drinking, smoking, grooming are not included in Durham’s distracted law. But if the police caught you doing these, you’ll be charged for driving carelessly. A driver needs to get proper driving training from the best driving schools in Durham to be a safe and responsible driver. Durham driving lessons help drivers to learn lessons with complete concentration on driving a car rather than other unnecessary things.


Penalties for Distracted Driving in Ontario

First Offence:

  • Fine of 615 dollars to 1000 dollars
  • fine up to 1000 dollars (if you go to court and lose after your first conviction)
  •  Three demerit points.

 Second Offence:

  • Fine of 615 dollars to 2000 dollars 
  • Fine goes up to 2000 dollars (if you fight a case in court and lose)
  • Six demerit points

Third and further convictions:

  • Fine of 615 dollars to 3000 dollars
  • Fine goes up to 3000 dollars (if you fight a case in court and lose). 
  • Six demerit points.

Penalties for Careless Driving

You could encounter heavy fines for driving carelessly. You may face the consequences of putting others’ lives at risk. Careless driving mainly includes using handheld devices (mobile phones, hands-free, or Bluetooth devices).

Demerit Points

  • 6

Not causing injuries

If sentenced for careless driving but not causing injuries

  • Six demerit points
  • fine of 2000 dollars
  • Jail sentence for six months
  •  Increased or Nullification of the insurance policy.

Causing Injuries or Death

  • A fine from 2000 dollars to up to 50000 dollars
  • Jail sentence for up to 2 years
  • Extension or invalidation of insurance policy


Careless drivers are the main reason for the devastating majority of accidents, road deaths, property damage, and injuries.

Drivers are supposed to drive responsibly and with concentration so that everyone on the road safely reaches their destination. Being focused while driving is highly recommended for safety purposes, to avoid distractions and penalties for not following the distracted driving laws by the government.

Every driver should learn that there’s nothing much important when they’re driving a car. Drivers need to get proper training and driving lessons for their safety and to avoid penalties from the best driving schools in Ontario.

Durham driving school is the most suitable choice for the drivers to learn lessons and quality training. Driving lessons from Durham build up the driver’s confidence level and knowledge of driving. Durham driving instructors teach lessons to the drivers according to the strict standards of the government. Learning lessons from experienced and highly qualified instructors of Durham driving school helps to become a responsible and skilled driver and helps avoid penalties for distracted driving.


Steps to follow if you get into a car accident

Steps to Follow if you Get into a Car Accident

Here are some of the essential steps to follow when you encounter a car accident.

Do not panic

Do not panic, be calm. It is necessary to stay relaxed and calm after having an accident to avoid putting yourself at further risk. Inhale and exhale deeply and try to be strong-minded. Stay in your car for a few minutes and try to regain self-control. Try to collaborate with the locals and other drivers to avoid any confusion.

Figure out whether anyone is hurt

Nothing is more important than your safety. Any scene of an accident shouldn’t be left, not even a minor one. Ensure that nobody is hurt. Get professional medical help as soon as possible if you or somebody needs it.

Get out of danger

Be extra careful when getting out of your car, even if you don’t get hurt. Particularly, if the accident took place on a busy road, you may not be thinking clearly, which could put you in danger.

If the accident is minor, carefully drive your car on the roadside. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t disrupt traffic. If anyone gets injured, get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Stay at the place wherever the accident has happened

Leaving the place when the accident is minor with no damage happening is quite okay but, in case of a serious one, it’s better not to leave the spot. It is preferable to wait for an ambulance and medical professionals to arrive until the medical assistance requires you to leave. Stay there and give your complete information to the police personnel or the other driver, else you will be obliged with criminal punishments. These are the main instructions everyone should follow after a car accident. Firstly, you should know how to drive safely and responsibly in every possible driving situation. Many driving schools in Ontario provide driving lessons to young drivers. Oshawa driving school is the leading driving school in Ontario. You’ll learn lots of valuable lessons here, even if you’re a teen driver or senior.

Call the police

Do not forget to call the police. In some areas, the police usually don’t respond to minor accidents. If the accident is severe, it’s compulsory to contact the police. When the police arrive, don’t panic, take a deep breath, and describe all the details. Also, note the officer’s contact information. Get a copy of the accident report from the respective officer.

Contact your insurance provider

If you have car insurance, call the insurer as soon as possible. Your priority should be calling your insurance provider anytime you are involved in an accident with another driver. If you have been involved in a hit and run, or you believe it is your fault, even if you encounter a minor accident, It is necessary to call the insurer to get your car repaired in case of property damage or if you got injuries.

Details Insurer will need

The insurer will need your name, contact details, registration number of your car, color, and model of a car. If other drivers are involved in the accident, you should give all the details to your insurance provider. The information should carry the driver’s name, contact, address details, car registration number, and car insurance company details, and a summary of the accident.

How can Oshawa driving school help?

Oshawa driving school is one of the leading schools in Ontario.

Learning driving lessons from highly professional and experienced instructors from Oshawa makes a huge difference.

Get proper driving classes from Oshawa driving schools in Ontario to learn the driving basics? It’s an opportunity for you to learn all the driving techniques in Oshawa driving schools, from basic to pro-level driving, and learn about all the latest traffic rules to be safe.

Driving instructors from Oshawa driving school make a customized learning plan for each student according to their knowledge. Oshawa driving school has skilled and well-trained instructors who make sure that students are well-taught and their lessons will help them in the future.


Car crashes or car accidents can happen any time anywhere. Going through a car accident can be a stressful and confusing experience. It can be more dangerous and harmful if the driver doesn’t have the proper knowledge of how to drive a car and which steps to take right after a car accident. One should know about the safety instructions and traffic rules.

Rules to follow for Teen Drivers

When your teen is ready to get behind the wheel, it is necessary to set up some rules and regulations for the road apart from the traffic laws.

Points to consider are as follows:

Ban Distractions

Multitasking is a great idea but not good at all when you’re driving a car. Advise teens to avoid distractions like text messaging, making phone calls, or reading magazines. Offer them a substitute for these dreadful habits like checking the parking lot and setting for GPS before going to an unknown place. Make sure to be an example for your teen in the way you avoid distractions while driving.

Number of Passengers

Numerous states have minimized the number of passengers that teens can have when they’re driving. Remember the rules in your country and think about adding others according to your driving experience and other driving conditions expected to happen. As the teens start getting driving experience and comfort, it is okay to let them drive with friends but not too often. Driving school near Ajax provides the best training to the teens that helps them to become confident drivers.

Driving at Night

Driving at night is one of the driving situations every teen must learn. According to the research, accidents rates are three times greater than during the daytime. Driving in the night is riskier and unsafe than driving in the daylight. Mostly, accidents happen at night because drivers are drunk. Also, darkness reduces visibility so make sure to check all the lights. Use high beams while driving at night on an empty road with no street lights. Be patient always while driving a car in rush hour. It is vital to get nighttime driving lessons to be safe and to avoid accidents. One of the top driving schools in Ajax, Ontario, provides driving lessons to the new drivers that help them drive in several driving situations.

Don’t be in a hurry

According to the research, from 2015 to 2019, teenage drivers were involved in car crashes due to over speeding. Being too fast or in a hurry when you’re driving is irresponsible behavior and it increases the chances of an accident or car crash resulting in death or an injury. Make sure that your teen acknowledges the consequences of speeding and how it can put your life at risk, which results in a deadly car crash. Speeding is usually caused by a lack of driving skills and inexperience. It is necessary to teach teen drivers how to operate a car and manage speed depending on the traffic and how to maintain a safe distance from other drivers to avoid accidents. Car driving lessons in Ajax provide lessons that make your teen a skilled and well-trained driver.

Adverse weather conditions

Teen drivers should know about the unfavorable weather conditions every driver has to face. Like, in rainy weather, Slowing down the speed and maintaining a distance is necessary to avoid slipperiness. During nighttime driving, turning on the headlights and using high beams on the road with no streetlights is recommended to avoid accidents. While driving on an icy road, accelerate and decelerate smoothly, avoid skidding, get winter tires, and a survival kit is necessary to get home safely without any inconvenience.

Impaired Driving

Teen drivers shouldn’t be encouraged to drive under the influence of alcohol or a drug; also driving with someone drunk is a deadly mistake. Driving after alcohol consumption or drugs can result in severe accidents and lead to paralysis, deformity, mental deficiency, and even death. Impaired driving is considered a crime in numerous countries. Drunk drivers have to pay high fines for risking their and other’s lives.


Research says that 5,864 teen drivers ages between 15-20 were involved in a car accident and, 17,321 teen drivers died in car crashes. Most car crashes happen in teen drivers due to a lack of driving skill and being unaware of the driving knowledge. Before handing over the car keys to your teens, make sure they’re skilled enough to operate a car safely.

Let your teen learn car driving lessons in Ajax. Driving school Ajax is the best choice for young drivers to learn how to drive from scratch. Driving instructors from Ajax teach valuable driving lessons to teens from basics to pro-level driving. Ajax driving instructors make sure that young drivers are well-trained to drive safely in adverse driving conditions. Driving lessons in Ajax help drivers to build up their confidence. Professional and skilled instructors from Ajax driving school give instructions on all the latest traffic rules and safety information that help them in future.

Durham driving school

Get Yourself Enrolled in the Best Driving school, Durham Driving School

Below are the services provided by Durham driving School.

Low-priced Driving Lessons

One of the reasons people get nervous enrolling themselves in the training course is the high cost. Taking lessons from professionals costs more money than getting them from a friend or a parent.

Durham driving school gives you quality training and safety lessons at very reasonable rates. You’ll get incredible value for money. Though they’re offering driving lessons at cheap rates, there is no compromise regarding quality. Durham driving instructors make sure that their trainees are well-taught to be skilled and responsible drivers.

Being safe is the top priority

Durham driving instructors teach the students that being safe while driving a car should be their top priority. They teach you driving techniques and safety tips to follow in a variety of driving conditions. You’ll get the training on how to drive defensively to avoid accidents and all the precautionary steps you should always keep in mind. Durham driving instructors also teach you to habituate different weather conditions like driving in rainy weather, on an icy road, and dark winter nights.

Make an Investment worthwhile

Riding a bike is completely different than driving a car since the car is a complex machine, it is difficult to operate it. Riding a motorbike can be learned on your own, but in the case of a car, it can’t be possible to learn about various driving conditions on your own. Basis of driving can only be acquired through systematic and well-planned methods provided by Durham driving schools. Learning driving from professional instructors is always seen as an investment in yourself. Invest in yourself in the best way by taking driving lessons from Durham driving instructors.

Expert driving lessons

Reading a book is not enough to have good driving habits as it requires training under the observation of a skilled instructor. Durham driving instructors deliver expert training. They educate trainees about how to operate a car safely following the latest traffic rules and strict standards. Durham driving school guides you about several driving ventures and tips to cope up with those situations. As a trainee, these lessons from Durham driving instructors will help you immensely to become a responsible and competent driver.

Less Car Insurance Rates

Getting driving lessons from well-known and reliable driving institutes will lessen your car insurance rates. Discount may vary according to the insurance company, driving institute, practice hours, and type of driving course you’ve chosen. With a certificate of learning from the best driving school in Durham, insurance companies will give you savings starting from 5% to 15% when you complete the course and, this is the best way to lower your premiums.

On-Road Training

Durham driving instructors give you on-road training. It is an essential part of the training included in the fee. Durham instructors teach on-road training that helps drivers familiarize themselves with the driving concerns when they get behind the wheel.

On-road practicing makes you realize the importance of being a responsible driver. Instructors train you about the uncertain driving conditions in on-road practicing, For example, driving on winter nights, snowy weather, wet roads, and many more.


Learning driving lessons from professionals and highly qualified instructors are better than learning them from a parent or friend. The reason is that sometimes it is hard to pay attention and get instructions from the one whom you’re comfortable with.

From Durham driving school, you’ll learn to drive from scratch. Durham driving instructors make a customized plan for each student according to their level of knowledge. They provide cheap driving lessons with no compromise on quality. The best investment is to invest in yourself. Enroll yourself in Durham driving schools and make this investment for your best future in driving.

The compulsion to get Night time Driving Lesson

The compulsion to get Night time Driving Lesson

Traffic control forces confessed that there are increased risks of several deaths and accidents in Australia during night driving. According to the research, road accidents and death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.

Most of the drivers are unconscious of the challenges of driving at night, and they feel safe while driving in less traffic. It’s a challenge driving at night without knowing the safety tips and proper training. Winter season is almost here, holidays too. It is the most suitable time to get driving lessons for winter because the sun sets almost at 5 pm and you’ll have more time to practice on the road. You may join the driving school near Durham to get the proper training on all types of driving conditions.

Tips for Night Driving experience

Beginners should be motivated to drive as much as possible in diverse driving conditions and winter nights are the best to learn driving.

Below are the tips to follow during night driving:

Check all the lights:

As the darkness reduces the visibility, drivers should be careful about checking the lights. Make sure that all the headlights and window panes are clean. It will enhance the visibility from both inside and outside of the car.

Use High Beams

It is advised to the drivers to use high beams while driving at night on an empty road with no street lights. Drivers use high beams to see further ahead at night to avoid road accidents. In rural Australia, it is mandatory to use your high beams at night because citizens have to deal with animals roaming across the road. Remember, dim the high beams or avoid using them when you’re behind the other drivers. Mostly, drivers are unaware of the safety tips and instructions they should follow in all kinds of circumstances to be safe. Durham driving schools provide the most beneficial training to the drivers that will help them in the future. Driving instructors from Durham driving schools ensure that the top concern of the trainees should be driving safely by following all the traffic rules and driving lessons they’ve been learning.

Be Calm, Especially During Rush Hour

Be patient and responsible always while driving, especially in rush hour. Don’t be in a hurry or stressed. Remember, everyone wants to go home earlier. Being aggressive and impatient while driving causes road rage and makes things worse for you and other drivers. Do not respond to the drivers who are being unpleasant to you or try to cut you off. Avoid distractions and reach home safely.

Be Attentive, don’t be Heavy-Eyed

Being sleepy when you’re driving puts you and other’s lives in danger. Get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel, especially when you’re going on long trips. According to the research, drivers feel dizziness from 2 am-6 am, and as the night begins, turn on the lights and walk around when you start feeling dizziness. If you’ve to travel at night, take a good nap before you take off.

Though, the winter season comes up with all sorts of circumstances: shorter and cooler nights, snowy roads, freezing rain that makes roads harder to drive. But it is considered the best time to learn driving. Taking driving classes from Durham driving school is a great idea. Durham driving instructors compose a customized plan for each student and teach them accordingly. Durham driving schools have professional and highly qualified trainers who teach driving lessons on how to get out of an uncertain driving situation, while safety should be the top concern. Learning lessons from Durham driving instructors will boost your confidence level, and on-road practice with a skilled trainer will improve your driving skills.

 As the winter season is here, you’ll get more time for on-road practice by well-trained instructors of Durham driving schools.

Safety Tips for Driving on an Icy Road

Safety Tips for Driving on an Icy Road

As you know, the winter season is yet to arrive in Canada, the citizens of Ajax, Ontario, will start perceiving cold nights and a lot of snow on the roads very soon. Because of the heavy snowfall, traveling in this area requires a driver who ensures the safety of himself and his passengers by following the traffic rules and safety measures. As the snow lessens the range of vision and increases the possibility of road slipperiness, it is necessary to know about all the safety tips required to avoid accidents.

Below are some tips to follow on snowy weather:

Slow down the speed

The mentioned speed limits on the roads are for the drivers to follow to avoid inconvenience. It conveys the message you should follow the provided guidelines during uncertain weather situations to maintain safety. If there is a reasonable amount of snow on the road, you should drive about half of the mentioned speed. 

For instance, you should drive about 60 mph in the light sprinkle of snow. If the snow covers the street, you should move about 30 mph or less than 30. It will help you avoid diving on ice and wet patches while driving. Minimize the speed even more if the snow is falling right away, as it lessens the visibility and makes it hard for you to avoid hurdles.

A driver should know about all the safety tips and knowledge of being a safe and responsible driver in any uncertain weather conditions. Taking driving lessons from well-experienced instructors makes a huge difference. The winter season is the well-chosen time to learn driving because it has the worst weather conditions. It is necessary to choose the top driving schools near Ajax.


Make a Survival Container

Have a backup plan always in case of an emergency.

Make sure to have a package containing survival appliances you need in cold weather.

Must-haves for your survival kit are a snow brush, first aid kit, warm clothes, rechargeable battery, water bottles, extra food, a flashlight, and medicines. The reason to have a survival kit is to ensure your safety, and it will help you a lot in many ways in snowy conditions. Keep the package in the trunk of your car, always.


Pay Heed and Be Attentive 

Remember that it takes more time to slow down the speed on snowy roads than on normal roads because tires can’t make a good grip on the road. It is necessary to look around further ahead to see other possible issues to remove the hurdles. It signifies that you should accelerate and decelerate your vehicle slowly rather than being in a hurry. Gentle movements will reduce the chance that your car will lose its control.


Get Winter Tires

Get winter tires at the starting of October or November. Winter tires aren’t the same as all-season tires. All-season tires loosen up their grip when the temperature goes below 7. The rubber material of winter tires is much softer than all-season tires. When the temperature goes below 7, all-season tires get inflexible and stubborn, and it’s the main reason vehicles slide on the ice, while winter tires remain flexible because they have a more aggressive pace. To reserve the tires, drivers should take off the tires at the starting of spring.

Which steps to follow in the winter season while driving, you should take professional help from the best institute.

Get lessons from highly qualified driving instructors in Ajax, from all the safety guidelines, traffic rules, road sign lessons, and boost your confidence. You will learn guidance about how to react against uncertain weather conditions like rainy weather, snowy roads, and many more.

Taking driving lessons from one of the top driving schools in Ajax will make you confident behind the wheel. Ajax driving instructors will allow you to feel safer and comfortable while driving.


How to get recover from Skids

Skidding is more likely to happen when the road is icy. Avoid driving on bridges, inclined surfaces, and shaded areas because they are more likely to freeze quickly and melt the ice slowly. If your vehicle begins to glide, be calm and do not bang the brakes. Move the car slowly. Concentrate on the direction you want to go, not the direction you’re heading because of the slide. Then, try to rotate the steering wheel gradually towards the skid. Push the brakes repeatedly when you need to stop or slow down the car and maintain a good grip on the ground.


Whether you’re a teenager Canadian or an adult who needs to learn driving and the safety tips to avoid uncertain driving conditions, get in touch with driving schools in Ajax, Ontario, to receive valuable driving lessons. Driving schools in Ajax have been serving young drivers for more than 25 years. Their well-experienced instructors will give you the best car driving lessons in Ajax. They give you on-road training to make sure that drivers are well-taught. You should take a look at the services they’ve been providing to young Canadians for more than 25 years, ensuring that their students get the best lessons from them for their future driving.

Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Driving School

Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Driving School

When it comes to taking your first steps into driving, the role of driving school is quite important. For most beginners or teenagers, enrolling in a driving school is a memorable experience. However, it is important to note that not all driving schools are clearly established. If you want to become a great driver, you should join the best driving school in Ontario.

Individuals who want to learn to drive should be mindful of certain aspects, some of which may appear minor but are crucial. Some questions to consider before enrolling in a driving school are listed below.

How much of the training takes place behind the wheel?

Some driving school classes provide 100 percent classroom learning, while others provide a blend of classroom and hands-on driving courses.

If you’re only interested in learning the fundamentals, you can choose for only classroom training. If you’re taking the course with the objective of acquiring your driver’s license, be sure it includes at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

When Do Classes Take Place?

If you want to combine traditional classroom training with behind-the-wheel driving, you’ll need to know the days and times of the lessons to make sure they fit into your schedule. Except where agreed upon with your teacher, you must take all of your classes. You can’t have too many absences to pass several of the classes.

When it comes to online training, you must be aware of the timing. While you will not be required to travel, there will be tasks due on specific days. It’s critical that you complete those tasks by the deadlines and try to progress. It’s never enjoyable to get behind, so you’ll have to learn how to manage your time when learning at home for which you’ll need to get the best driving instructor in Durham.

The Environment for Learning

You may be familiar with all of the course learning environments, but you must decide which is the greatest fit for you. If you’re thinking about taking courses online, you might be able to request a trial from the driving school to decide if you want to pursue it.

If you’re thinking about taking a class, we suggest going to the driving school near you and seeking to join in on a current class. This will provide you with the necessary information to determine whether or not the surroundings are comfortable for you.

Our Take

Each driving school is distinctive, so you’ll want to ensure you understand them and can rely on them to teach you how to drive.

How to drive safely in the rain

How to drive safely in the rain

Slow down the speed

The first essential tip to follow when driving is to slow down the pace. Current Weather conditions remain kept in mind, following the pace of the vehicle that is most comfortable with it. You’ll get more time to see if the vehicle next to you is in control or not.

Maintain Distance

A reasonable distance is required when you are driving on wet roads. During heavy rain road gets slippery, it is dangerous to be too close. You can increase the distance between your vehicle and the other one around you to avoid any inconvenience.

Focus on driving

Complete focus is required when you’re driving in heavy rain. Distracted driving isn’t appreciated. You must pay attention to your surroundings. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the road. When driving, both hands should be on the wheel. Avoid all the other things to spot the issues and to prevent any inconvenience.

Turn on headlights

Rain reduces visibility so using headlights is the best way to increase that visibility in the heavy rain. Driving on wet roads is already a risk, in addition to low visibility can lead us to a more dangerous situation. Turning on the headlights allows you to see further, lets the drivers from the other direction notice your presence.

When you are driving in rainy weather, your safety depends on your driving skills. Having an expensive vehicle, the best quality tires, and perfect brakes, but if you don’t know how to drive properly, these things won’t matter. Wet roads can be dangerous, too. You must have a basic knowledge of driving, traffic regulations, and other safety tips. To learn all the basic stuff about driving, you can also join the driving school to take proper classes of the best learning. By joining the driving school, you’ll get to know all the latest traffic rules and regulations and all the safety information. With the help of a professional driving instructor, you can learn how to avoid incorrect driving habits and lift your road confidence.

3 Attributes Your Driving Instructor Must Possess

3 Attributes Your Driving Instructor Must Possess

When it comes to learning how to drive, choosing the ideal trainer may make or break your experience. This professional will lead you through a complicated process that will demand tolerance, perseverance, and effective communication from all relevant parties. As a result, you must find the balance to get ahead. You can find the driving instructor in Durham.

Driving trainers are more than just individuals who are hired to help you learn how to drive. They’re qualified experts who have gone through mandatory training as well as thorough background and medical exams.

Let’s have a look at 3 important attributes to look for in a driving instructor.

1.       Patience

You’re unlikely to get it all in the first go. As a result, having an instructor who is compassionate and calm is necessary for your growth. When you don’t comprehend techniques right away, someone who becomes impatient or offended will simply lower your confidence and make matters worse. Trainers must be available to every student at all times, particularly for first-time drivers who are nervous about getting behind the wheel.

 You can get driving lessons in Durham from a quality trainer that will provide you with sufficient room and support to learn and improve until you are prepared to take the test.


2.       Outstanding Driving Experience

 When it comes to applying knowledge, experience is crucial. For learners to maintain a competitive edge, a qualified instructor must have a depth of information and insight. Training from someone with adequate experience from the driving school in Oshawa Ontario can be a major help in gaining your driver’s licence because they can teach you certain tricks for passing the driving exam quickly.


3.       Teaching strategy that works for you.

 Some individuals are visual learners and some are verbal learners. The point is that everyone learns differently with different learning styles, therefore you’ll need to choose a teacher that fits your learning style.

You’re not necessarily intending to differentiate the exceptional when choosing an instructor. It’s more about figuring out what works for you. An instructor who is well-liked by one individual may not be well-liked by another.

Consider how you process information. Before booking several courses with a specific trainer, you might want to take a course evaluation with them to get a sense of how they do their work.


Our Verdict

 The qualities needed to be a good driving instructor are numerous; it takes a particular kind of person to be capable of teaching, display empathy, and guide new drivers through one of their most important life skills. Learning to drive can be a tough challenge. However, because of the driving instructor’s abilities, you will experience driving classes and training to be quite simple to follow from top driving school in Ajax.

Best Driving school in Ontario

Best Driving school in Ontario

Driving is a skill that requires practice and learning it from a recognized driving school is recommended if you want to develop your skillset. Driving just isn’t enough; one must also learn to drive safely, which requires skills. As a driver, you ought to understand that safety is required when driving a vehicle.

If you are learning to drive, it is critical to understand how to grasp the steering wheel correctly and maintain a safe distance while being on the road and a recognized school like Next Gen Driving School can guide you in developing these skills successfully and efficiently. You will always be trained by professionals with extensive experience in the field of driving. It is always essential to have confidence while behind wheel, and that is precisely what you’d get from Next Gen driving school.

What Next Gen driving school Offers


  • For Beginner Driver Education (BDE) classes, we provide the best, most affordable, and most convenient driving lessons available.
  • Reduce the time it takes to pass the G2 road test to just 8 months by enrolling in one of our specialist courses, which are aimed to equip our students with the most useful information possible.
  • With the most qualified driving teachers in Oshawa Ontario, you will learn traffic rules and regulations, car manoeuvring methods, safety standards, and roadside emergency security.
  • Our well-designed courses include a combination of in-car driving lessons as well as observation sessions to help you reach your full potential as a driver.


Why should you choose Next Generation Driving School?

Our aim is to serve you in developing the necessary skills and experience that any driver, regardless of vehicle, should possess. Understanding everything there is to learn about driving and safety measures with the help of our trained teachers. Our MTO-approved driving instructors include one instruction to get you the experience and information you need to not only clear your road test but also to drive effectively and smoothly. At Next Gen Driving School, we tailor a curriculum to your specific needs in order to assist you to confront your hurdles. Get the opportunity to learn to drive at Ontario’s most respected driving school with teachers who will offer you their complete attention. At our school, you set your own time and learn when it is convenient for you.


Next Gen driving school offers an incredible opportunity to learn driving so what are you waiting for to get yourself enrolled at Next Gen driving school and start driving confidently with the training of our skillful trainers.