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Distracted Driving Laws & Penalties

What is distracted driving? In simple words, it is an act of driving while taking part in other activities that diverts the driver’s attention from the road. It can put you and others in danger.  Examples of distracted driving are Using mobile phones (calling, texting) Eating or drinking Reading a book or newspaper Watching movies […]

Steps to Follow if you Get into a Car Accident

Here are some of the essential steps to follow when you encounter a car accident. Do not panic Do not panic, be calm. It is necessary to stay relaxed and calm after having an accident to avoid putting yourself at further risk. Inhale and exhale deeply and try to be strong-minded. Stay in your car […]

Rules to follow for Teen Drivers

When your teen is ready to get behind the wheel, it is necessary to set up some rules and regulations for the road apart from the traffic laws. Points to consider are as follows: Ban Distractions Multitasking is a great idea but not good at all when you’re driving a car. Advise teens to avoid […]

Get Yourself Enrolled in the Best Driving school, Durham Driving School

Below are the services provided by Durham driving School. Low-priced Driving Lessons One of the reasons people get nervous enrolling themselves in the training course is the high cost. Taking lessons from professionals costs more money than getting them from a friend or a parent. Durham driving school gives you quality training and safety lessons […]

The compulsion to get Night time Driving Lesson

Traffic control forces confessed that there are increased risks of several deaths and accidents in Australia during night driving. According to the research, road accidents and death rates are three times greater at night than during the day. Most of the drivers are unconscious of the challenges of driving at night, and they feel safe […]

Safety Tips for Driving on an Icy Road

As you know, the winter season is yet to arrive in Canada, the citizens of Ajax, Ontario, will start perceiving cold nights and a lot of snow on the roads very soon. Because of the heavy snowfall, traveling in this area requires a driver who ensures the safety of himself and his passengers by following […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Driving School

When it comes to taking your first steps into driving, the role of driving school is quite important. For most beginners or teenagers, enrolling in a driving school is a memorable experience. However, it is important to note that not all driving schools are clearly established. If you want to become a great driver, you […]

How to drive safely in the rain

Slow down the speed The first essential tip to follow when driving is to slow down the pace. Current Weather conditions remain kept in mind, following the pace of the vehicle that is most comfortable with it. You’ll get more time to see if the vehicle next to you is in control or not. Maintain […]

3 Attributes Your Driving Instructor Must Possess

When it comes to learning how to drive, choosing the ideal trainer may make or break your experience. This professional will lead you through a complicated process that will demand tolerance, perseverance, and effective communication from all relevant parties. As a result, you must find the balance to get ahead. You can find the driving […]

Best Driving school in Ontario

Driving is a skill that requires practice and learning it from a recognized driving school is recommended if you want to develop your skillset. Driving just isn’t enough; one must also learn to drive safely, which requires skills. As a driver, you ought to understand that safety is required when driving a vehicle. If you […]